Drones to help cities after natural disasters

News from Sebastian Robertson of ABC on the race to improve drone survey after natural disasters.

Researchers at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) are developing a flying survey tool to save cities time and money after a natural disaster.

  • A drone collects thousands of images of debris left outside homes in Beaumont by Hurricane Harvey
  • The images are combined using sophisticated 3-D mapping software
  • Cloud processing creates a complex map that shows height, width, and depth of the damage

The tools provide an accurate assessment of the amount they need to clean up according to Dr. Anand Puppala, a professor in the Civil Engineering Department and principal investigator on the project.


Credit: UTA   (Photo: Wfaa-Field11)

In future, maps like this can help a city decide where it sends resources and shows damage to roadways down to the centimeter.

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Source: UTA using drones to help cities after natural disasters | WFAA.com