First Time Drone Wedding Video Shoot – Lessons I Learned

Here’s a great first-time drone video of a wedding posted by UAV Coach member Raincast where he shares the lessons he learned.

Definitely educational – good drone pilots never stop learning!

I tried out my very first wedding video fully shot by drone.

I did it for free as my friend asked me to, but because of that I couldn’t really give directions to people as to what I wanted them to do or where to go.

I listed the things that I learned and hopefully you’d find them useful! Thanks for watching and congratulations to the couple!

Lessons I Learned:

  1. Drones can work handheld but may be jittery at times and even over-compensate with it’s stabilizer when swinging the drone left to right.
  2. I prefer controlling with the RC rather than wi-fi because you really can’t pitch up and down smoothly without the RC.
  3. Setting up a drone can take time. Swapping ND filters because clouds suddenly cover the sun takes time. Switching to 1080p for 60 or 96fps for slow-mo also takes time.
  4. Prop sounds are very audible so choose when you should fly, preferably before the ceremony or after.
  5. Drones make sounds too when handheld and running. I didn’t want to bother any of the guests so I kept away if I could.
  6. Finding free wedding songs is somewhat impossible. Any sites would be welcome!
  7. I don’t have close-ups during the actual wedding because I wasn’t getting paid and felt bad for getting in there.
  8. Working solo can get you to miss stuff that happen only once in a wedding. I had to drive to where the bride was prepping, then the groom, then back to the bride, straight to the venue, etc. so it was a lot of work.
  9. I was starving and really had to pee the whole time. I kept holding it in because I would have missed some shots.
  10. My positioning could have been better, but I didn’t want to go where the professional photographers were hanging around in.
  11. I enjoyed doing this wedding and am sure I can do a better job next time!

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Source: Wedding Video – ALL Drone footage plus Things I Learned (First Time) – Filmmaking / Cinematography – UAV Coach Community Forum