Devon & Cornwall Police and Dorset Police Adopt Drones, Choose UAV Partner

UK drone supplier COPTRZ has been announced as the exclusive supplier of UAV solutions to Devon & Cornwall Police and Dorset Police. The force will be expanding their fleet in the coming months with the purchase of a range of specialist UAVs equipped with optical zoom and thermal imaging capabilities.

Earlier this year Devon & Cornwall Police and Dorset Police were the first force to announce their intentions to employ full-time UAV pilots and create a dedicated drone unit. Investment in the new drones follows 18 months of successful trials across the region. During trials, it was reported that the use of UAVs significantly increased response time and cost-effectiveness of the forces’ aerial assets.

Following a technical and competitive tender process, COPTRZ were able to recommend a complete UAV solution including airframe, batteries, cameras, control systems and ongoing maintenance and warranty support for the duration of the lifespan of each aircraft.

The drones will be mainly used for missing person searches, crime scene investigations and fast response to major road traffic collisions. They will also help search the forces’ 600 miles of coastline. A number of the drones will be equipped with dual camera capabilities, enabling ground teams to receive both thermal and optical zoom data simultaneously.

It is expected that the new drones will be fully operational in early 2018.

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Source: Devon & Cornwall Police and Dorset Police Choose COPTRZ as UAV Partner –