6-Minute One-take Drone Live Music Video Astounds

This Filipino music video may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but at six and a half minutes it’s fun to see what these guys did with one continuous drone shot that starts outside, goes into an arena, between the performers on stage and then back outside.

Smile and enjoy! The fun begins at 0:17.

The description on Filipino website ABS-CBN is equally fun and breathless:

The third Magpasikat performance on the eighth-anniversary celebration of It’s Showtime’s cast sunshine on a cloudy day.

Popular for her death-defying performances in the past years, Anne Curtis had everyone anticipate her entry this year, alongside fellow mainstays Nadine Lustre and Ryan Bang and some Girltrends and Hashtags.

The millennial-themed production, which was actually a drone-powered live music video, popped in bright hues and radiated youthful vibes that absolutely fascinated the audiences and the judges.

As they glide their way to the studio in their roller blades or hoverboards paired with cute and vibrant outfits, they were lip syncing to the pre-recorded original pop tune about love and unity “Love Parade”, produced by Flip Music Production. Hashtag Jimboy Martin and Ryan also showcase their rapping skills through their self-composed rap composition affixed to the song.

Adding life to the sprightly ambience were the group of guys riding on their bikes and skateboards ushered by two colorful Volkswagen Kombis.

They concluded the presentation with Ryan braving his fear of heights as he floated in mid-air tied on a bunch of colorful balloons while holding a red banner with “Happy 8th Anniversary It’s Showtime artfully written on it.

Anne, Ryan and Nadine’s performance was one for the books. It was the first-ever continuous shot on live TV via drone.

Will Anne continue her winning streak? Will Ryan finally notch a place in the top spots? Will Nadine’s first Magpasikat stint as a host be triumphant? Let’s find out as the Magpasikat Week continues on It’s Showtime.


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Source: WATCH: Anne, Nadine, Ryan captivate with drone-powered live music video in Magpasikat 2017