African Parks Trial FLIR Thermal-Imaging Drones to Monitor Elephants

Interesting wildlife news from our friends at FLIR.

As night falls in Liwonde National Park, wild elephants enjoy roaming the African plains of Malawi searching for food. Surrounding villages use the land along the park boundary to grow corn and mangos, an elephant delicacy.

As the crops ripen, the thousand-pound mammals are drawn to a fruitful meal.

One of the world’s most intelligent and strongest mammals, elephants can use their insulated ivory tusks to hook the fence and pull until it breaks, allowing them to leave the park and enter farmlands where they do extensive damage and threaten villagers’ lives.

Thermal cameras donated by FLIR to World Wildlife Fund and African Parks who manage Liwonde National Park, were tested to see if they could help prevent poaching and watch out for elephants breaking through the fence.

Drones equipped with FLIR Vue Pro thermal imaging cameras allowed park rangers to monitor the elephants day and night, and even to herd the elephants, as drones emit a bee’s buzzing sound which elephants are known to fear.

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Source: African Parks Team Trialed FLIR Thermal-Equipped Drones to Monitor Elephants